How Is a Montessori Different Than Other Preschools?

  1. A child becomes the center of a classroom as opposed to a traditional preschool where the class is centered around the teacher.

  2. A child determines his or her own curriculum based on their level of comfort with classroom activities.

  3. Montessori classes integrate children of all ages (2 to 5) into one classroom creating a shared learning environment where older children take on the role of being a mentor to younger children.

  4. Children participate in more hands on learning with a focus on the concrete rather than abstract learning activities.

  5. Teachers emphasize concentration, without the distractions of interruptions allowing tasks to be properly mastered. 

  6. Your child will focus on the process of completing tasks rather than the result - stimulating creativity.

  7.  A Montessori curriculum includes learning about different cultures from around the world, providing a child with a unique perspective on how they view the world.