Parent & Student Testimonials

Our daughter has attended Applewood Rainbow Montessori since October of 2014. Before selecting Applewood, we interviewed five other local schools in our search. We could not be more pleased with our choice.  It was obvious upon first meeting with Ms. Rangooni that teaching is not only her profession but also her passion and vocation. Ms. Rangooni and the teaching staff at the school have lived up to our high expectations and Applewood Rainbow Montessori has proven to be an excellent school and learning environment for our child.  Ms. Rangooni's thoughtful and warm nature along with her balanced and fair approach set the tone for the classroom. Applewood offers a very strong academic program and the pupils are obviously happy and enjoy the classroom environment. The class work challenges our daughter and has allowed her to develop confidence, independence and critical thinking skills.  We have no doubt that our daughter's attendance at Applewood Rainbow Montessori will give her a head start in her education, help her enhance focus and will also serve to foster a love of learning.

- Mr. and  Mrs. Charron

After visiting several Montessori schools in the Mississauga area, Applewood Rainbow Montessori was hands down our first choice. Our daughter, has flourished under the careful guidance of Mrs Rangooni & Staff and her ability to facilitate an environment with just the right combination of independent learning and professional instruction. We are constantly amazed at our daughters new abilities. From handwriting to addition & subtraction to science and life skills, the teachers adeptly foster a love of exploration, learning and independent thought. We would wholeheartedly recommend Applewood Rainbow Montessori to any parent looking for a superior educational experience for their child.

Now that our daughter is almost completed her education at Applewood Rainbow Montessori, it's bitter sweet, but we are very happy & excited enrolling our son in September to begin his journey!

- Denise Pisani-Dodic