At Applewood Rainbow we strive in creating not only a positive environment but an effective curriculum based on the teachings of our founder, Maria Montessori. Focusing on five main areas of the classroom along with French and Gym, each student navigates the classroom according to his/her potential and curiosity. 
Practical Life

An area of the classroom that reflects world experiences, such as being graceful and courteous, washing dishes, cleaning up after activities, gardening, dressing and undressing and so much more. Each child moves through this area according to their own curiosity in an effort to fulfill a purpose or goal. 


Focussing on their five senses  activities such as sense of smell, taste, hearing, sight and touch; this allows for positive connections to be made. Some of these activities include, building the iconic pink tower, 


Every child develops language in their own time. With the help of our cirrculum we help a child with new vocabulary, enunciation, and articulation of ideas.  We understand that he/she is eager to learn how to write, which is another area of development we assist in, i.e. sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, and hand writing skills.  


Children are naturally drawn to numbers which is an observation Maria Montessori made decades ago. Our classroom is designed to facilitate a child's natural curiosity of numbers through number rods, spindles, decimal games and many more, i.e. addition, subtraction, algebra, multiplication and division. 


Our French program is one of the highlights of our curriculum. The children love learning new words and songs. Learning french motivates the child and encourages them to think outside the box.

Culture & Geography

One of the most important teaching of our Montessori program is understanding culture and geography through diversity and inclusive materials. Subjects that serve a purpose in our physical world, such as the categories of plants, flowers and leaves, the different classifications of animals, bodies of land and water all contribute to understanding the planet we live in better. Along with exploring different cultures throughout the year via celebrations, various cultural events, and presentations.  


This program encourages fine motor skills, creativity and just plain old fun. From festive activities to daily arts and crafts each child is able to mark their own staple on their projects. It makes them feel satsfied and fulfilled.


Physical activity is a daily requirement that we have each of our student participate in. Not only does it promote a healthy life style but gives children the energy and excitement they need during the school day. From running, to cognitive games, and listening exercises our program is one of the highlights of their day. 


This newly active program encourages movement, flexibility and concentration. It's incredible to see how each child moves and is able to quickly learn about yoga. From breathing exercises to practicing calmness this program helps facilitate each child's inner peace. 

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