Over 30 Years of Early Childhood Education In Mississauga

Applewood Rainbow Montessori is a CASA based Montessori class where children ages 2 to 5 enjoy a shared learning experience through the five areas of a Montessori education; our September through June curriculum includes French studies, a gym and an outdoor play area.  

In 2013 Applewood was accredited by the Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators and we have been following the teachings of Maria Montessori since our doors opened in 1984; we continue to build on an environment that keeps a child first in the learning process.  Our materials are devised to help a child through each of the sensitive periods between the ages of 2  and 5, providing them with life and learning skills that will last a lifetime.  Our well orchestrated classrooms have been a highlight of our program providing a child with ample room to explore classroom activities and interact with other classmates.  Our program is designed to keep a student engaged throughout the school year and build on experiences that serve as benchmarks for future life and learning endeavours.  

Our program has produced numerous graduating classes, and in some cases we have had the same students come back to register their own children back into the Montessori program.  We are proud of our rich history, supplying the world with young learners who are ready to take what they have learned in our program and apply it towards their future endeavors.